Roberto Rivera Saavedra

One of our founders and our great Team Leader was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 26, 1981. Roberto is the son of two doctors who are very successful in their career. His parents provided him with a good education as well as plenty extracurricular activities to keep his curious spirit engaged. He enjoyed participating in various sports and group activities. In college he pursued studies in Science at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus where he graduated with two majors, Biology and Industrial Microbiology.

Roberto lives a fast paced and highly active social life. During his college years he participated in some of the most exciting events and parties around all of Puerto Rico. These adventures gave him experiences and personal growth alongside a love for people and travel. All of it ignited an even bigger spark for his curiosity for his culture and the history of the island. He became a brother at Fi Sigma Alfa fraternity and grew as a person working towards the benefit of society with the creation and assistance in many charity events. You can witness his and his brothers’ work at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus where they rebuilt an old structure used by students to sit, rest, and study. Community service is a big part of his life as he continues to offer his knowledge and enthusiasm as a key member of the United States Power Squadron and is a certified instructor.

After college, he engaged with the public throughout a series of various life opportunities becoming a dynamic team leader, concierge, tour sales agent and operator driving sales through excellent customer service and expertise in Puerto Rico’s food and beverage, hospitality and tourism industry. With experiences ranging from waiting tables to kitchen work, all the way to leading one of the biggest teams of concierges at GSI with the duty of assisting a handful of hotel properties including, but not limited to, La Concha Renaissance Hotel and two Marriott Courtyard Hotels.

We have witnessed his passion and good nature. Enjoying sports and outdoor activities all together, Roberto found pleasure, not only in serving others, but also, in learning with each experience about himself as an individual and his roots as a Puerto Rican. Also, his experiences traveling the world gave him a genuine and unique view of the world and hands-on knowledge through the rich history his travels have attributed to his intellect and wisdom. Along his journey, Roberto has discovered an immense interest and love in subjects like gastronomy, society, history and art.

Summed up, Roberto is the essence of our customer service and relationship with the hotels and the concierges. It is thanks to Roberto that West Side Destination is able to provide the best guided tours of the West, South, and Northwest of Puerto Rico. No need to take our word for it, just visit TripAdvisor and read all the reviews in which he is described as the best guide providing the best experience they had, so much so they lovingly call him Bobby.

We thank you Roberto for your wonderful work and passion for the services you provide!