I just figured out it is way harder to write about yourself than what we think. How do I portray to you guys who I am? Who am I, really? My full name is Carlos Paralitici Buitrago, two last names because I have a mother also. Born on October 25th of 1990 in San Juan, I am the son of a Civil Engineer and Project Manager and a loving and caring mother. They provided me with great education and values. Like Roberto, I graduated from the prestigious Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola and went on to study to the University of Puerto Rico at the Rio Piedras campus, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Social Studies with a concentration in Economy.

My life is a mix of emotions from complete happiness to utter destruction like anybody else. I like to live every day like if it were the last one, but understand that it is not always possible. My personal growth comes from many bumps that I’ve had to go through as a result of living the way I want and not taking into account the repercussions that come with it. Ive been in many extracurricular activities throughout the years like being a Boy Scout, participating in my high school mock United Nations team and later on in college participating in many projects to defend student rights and human rights. Also, like Roberto, I pledge Fi Sigma Alfa and participated in many community service activities.

My life is as complex as the way I write. Not much structure in it, but heavy in bringing emotion to everything I do or write about. The most exciting thing for me is to travel, be it inside of Puerto Rico or to the fascinating cultures around the world, thus the reason I made it my mission in 2012 to fly around Europe. I was only able to do so for 43 days. In those days I was able to experience many cultures and art forms besides the people’s way of interaction. I thought when I traveled, being 21 at the moment, it would all be drinking and partying. To my surprise, I was getting up at 8 in the morning with my friends and going to museums, cultural tours, sightseeing, and looking for great adventures. We visited, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Holland. The experiences gained during my travels have amounted to the best memories, adventures, and lessons of my life. You will see that I do not use many of the teachings from my studies in daily life or even at work. I focus more on my growth experiences in traveling to do my job. My studies are a background and expertise that attributes to my way of thinking and to the work done behind the scenes.

After leaving the University I got a job as a Chauffeur for the high rollers and most exclusive clients of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the San Juan Hotel and Casino. I had already worked at bars and other jobs, like medical billing among others. Being a driver to strangers gave me a different perspective in life and opened my eyes to the amazing amount of people, personalities, values, and way of living around the world. Right then and there was when I fell in love with the tourism industry. Went on to work a few months as a concierge with Roberto, he was one of my supervisors then. At the hotels I gathered information on the different people that passed along Puerto Rico, it intrigued me to interact with them. It is hard work to cater to their needs, but it is joyful work and very fulfilling.

I feel the need to tell all of you, I am not an extrovert, all the opposite, I am a very introvert person. Shy, not overly talkative, and more of a pondering person. Even so, I am very outspoken, as I like to have my ideas heard and I like to fight for my ideals. I confide this to all for you to see that our work does not require you to be talkative or an extrovert, you just need to have a passion for it. Now a days it is thought that you need to be sort of an influencer to promote a business or to pull clients to you. In my opinion, you just need to love what you do and people will see the value in it, and anyone can become a host of tours. I just took it upon me to free myself of the guilt of what people think of me and not wanting to have in mind constantly “what if?”, I decided to start working at El Watusi (search for it on google and plan on visiting on your next trip to Puerto Rico) and grow my skills as a person.

Summed up, I am not the face of the company, but I am indeed the heart of it with Roberto, but most of all, I am the voice of West Side Destination. My skills are tailored to the administration and exposure of the company. My relationship with brand managers, business owners and investors make me the essence of our Operations Leadership and public relations. My behind the scenes work is the juice that keeps the company out there and getting to the eyes of many for new ventures and new projects.

I, and West Side Destination, thank all of you for your continued support and for reading our blog and following our adventures! Keep tuned for more about us and stories of our adventures as well as more on Puerto Rico’s culture and history.

Remember we post new content every Monday, and from time to time we will give you a “Ñapita” which is a bit more in good Puerto Rican slang!