As many have noticed, we have been off the radar for almost two weeks now. We apologize for the delay in posting and the hiatus. Our minds and spirits have been dealing with difficult realities and hardships.

As all adventurers know, COVID-19 has brought a full stop on the adventures and experiences with the close downs and curfews. West Side Destination has done its best to keep going and we will be here again when the industry opens up soon. But, decisions needed to be made in the last 2 weeks and thus the time off the grid was necessary.

As a Public Service Announcement we wish to inform the following:

  1. West Side Destination will be returning to operation once the Health and Safety Protocol has been completed and implemented in the day to day operation as required by the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico.

  2. West Side Destination will implement, in addition to the required protocols, its own set of policies to follow in order to maintain the safety and well being of our fellow adventurers.

  3. Health and Safety Protocol and Policies will be posted in this forum once they have been completed.

Also, being impacted and affected by the recent social and political state, we will be releasing a statement letting you all know where we stand. Only before doing so we need to let some things very clear:

  • We do not indulge in any political debate nor party

  • We will not entertain comments or questions in regards to political views as we understand it has nothing to do with our operation.

  • The views and expressions of our employees (with the exception of our Leaders) does not reflect the views of West Side Destination.

  • In the chance that an employee has views or makes any expression that goes against West Side Destinations views, at that moment immediate action will be taken.

As a last announcement, the tourism industry is almost back up and running in Puerto Rico and we are making a few changes to our routes and website. We understand that the new website will be easier to navigate and provide you more direct information on our services. We do apologize if the website goes down at any moment in the next few days, it is just part of the process of making the change to the better and improved website.

Remember that you can always contact us through our social media:

Stay tuned in the next few days for our Health and Safety Protocol.