Hello! My name is Roberto Marrero and I am an intern for West Side Destination. Currently I am studying in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, where I course towards a bachelor’s in Recreation. Although I was born and raised in the Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico, the city of San Juan to be precise, I’ve always loved the West area of my beautiful island.

Ever since I was a kid, Rincón has always been my favorite city. My family and I would go there every summer, spring break, Christmas vacation, and just about any excuse was good enough to go to Rincón. The West side of Puerto Rico really is one of the best places to visit here at “La Isla del Encanto”, so you clearly can’t go wrong with this destination!

As an intern, the reason I chose West Side Destination is because here I will further develop myself as a professional and learn all the necessary tools and subjects to strive in the tourism world. I look forward to learning, having new experiences, making friends, meeting new people, and, overall, just have fun with this new stage of my life.