Smoke & Soil: A Journey Through Tobacco Traditions |

Discover Puerto Rico’s Cigar Heritage: Engage, Learn, and Experience at Finca Neo Jibairo

Dive into the heart of Puerto Rico’s vibrant tobacco culture at Finca Neo Jibairo, nestled in the stunning Rio Grande landscape. Experience the journey of tobacco from seedling to cigar in our ‘Plantation Explorer’ tour, where you’ll traverse lush fields, discover the drying process, and interact with skilled farmers.

Elevate your journey with our ‘Rolling Maestro’ tour, transitioning from observer to participant. Learn the delicate art of cigar rolling from the experts, truly immersing yourself in Puerto Rico’s rich heritage.

No matter your familiarity with cigars, Finca Neo Jibairo opens a door to a memorable and genuine encounter with tobacco farming and cigar production.

Don’t wait! Step into the world of finely crafted cigars and experience Puerto Rico’s age-old tradition first hand. Book your tour today and ignite your adventure at Finca Neo Jibairo.

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  • Plantation Expert: $135
  • Rolling Maestro*: $230
  • Groups:
    • Plantation Expert: $800
    • Rolling Maestro: $1,350

Duration of Activity:

4 hours (Plantation Expert) / 6 hours (Rolling Maestro*)


Includes water bottle, light snack, tour guide, materials to roll your own cigar* and/or farm tour.

Pickup Locations:

Enjoy our pick-up locations at any of the Isla Verde, Condado, Santurce, and Old San Juan Hotels and or Airbnb locations. If your hotel does not appear on the list please choose other and let us know your location. If you have doubts if your location is inside the area listed feel free to give us a call at 939-545-8158 and we will be more than happy to let you know if we can pick you up.

Cancellation Policy:

100% Refund for Cancellations 48 hours or more prior to pick-up time; No Refund for Cancellations or Reschedule requests in less than 24 hours prior to pick-up time. Reschedule requests should be informed 48 hours or more prior to pick-up time.

*Rolling Maestro is only offered on Friday’s. Materials to roll your own cigar is only available with the Rolling Maestro package.

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